Trustee Quarterly

Trustee Quarterly magazine is the official publication of the Association of Community College Trustees. The magazine is designed to help our member trustees govern their colleges better. The magazine regularly covers such topics as public policy, governance, advocacy, leadership, CEO hiring and relations, ethics, finance, fundraising, legal issues and technology. 

ACCT welcomes submissions from members, higher education, policy, and thought leaders. 

Please contact David Conner, Managing Editor, if you are interested in submitting an article or news item.  Be sure to review the writers' guidelines to ensure your story pitch is appropriate.  This magazine publishes articles specific to governance, community college advocacy and leadership.  Unrelated story pitches will not be considered for publication.

Spring 2023

An Extraordinary Time for Transformation: The 2023 National Legislative Summit showcased the growth of the community college mission.

Winter 2023

Generational Change: Rose Benavidez has broken barriers as ACCT's first Latina Chair and continues a legacy of leadership.

Fall 2022

A Changing Landscape: 2022 ACCT Congress speakers discuss challenges and opportunities for community colleges, their leaders, and their students.

Spring 2022

Amplifying the Message: First Lady Jill Biden and other administration leaders highlighted the sector's momentum at the 2022 National Legislative Summit.

Winter 2022

Improving the Lives of Entire Families: Both in the courts and as a trustee, ACCT Chair James Cooksey sees opportunities for the children and families community colleges serve.

Fall 2021

Changes and Continuity: The country, community colleges, and ACCT move toward new beginnings—but the mission remains the same.

Spring 2021

"The Secret's Out." First Lady Jill Biden returns to the White House — and the Community College National Legislative Summit — with a new message about community colleges.

Winter 2021
Opening Doors: ACCT Chair David Mathis focuses on ensuring greater opportunities for all students.

Fall 2020

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Committing to work for the change we seek. Plus, a checklist and implementation guide for community college boards.

Spring 2020

Negotiating the Future: The 2020 National Legislative Summit focused on workforce and the growing needs students face.

Winter 2020

Precision Education: As ACCT Chair, Dawn Erlandson wants to ensure that community college leaders meet the needs of every student — both in and out of the classroom.