Trustee Education

Board & CEO Relationship

The board's reationship with the CEO is fundamental to the success of the CEO, the college, and the college community. Here you will find resources that can cultivate a successful board/CEO partnership. 

Board Buzzwords

Words All Trustees Should Know

New words are tantalizing, and the lexicon of terms in education increases exponentially as educators, lawmakers, technocrats, researchers and others coin new phrases for the numerous new and different concepts swirling in higher education today.

Board Member Roles & Responsibilities

This section contains resources to help guide community college trustees through their work on the board. What do you need to know as an individual trustee? The board chair? You will find how-to resources here to help you be an effective trustee.

Board Policy

A collection of resources, examples, and case studies pertaining to board policy, the framework used to direct community college operations.

Hot Topics

The topics found here, organized by interest, can inform and help those seeking guidance on important issues surrounding community college governance.

Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center provides additional resources on governance, trustee education, advocacy, student success, and more, exclusively for ACCT member colleges. You will need to log in with your username and password to gain access.

New Trustees

Information for new trustees elected or appointed to community college boards.

Principles of Community College Governance

This section offers foundational information to help community college trustees understand the principles of governance.

trustee talk

Trustee Talk

Answering your questions about issues affecting boards today

Trustee Talk is an electronic question-and-answer newsletter for guidance on challenging issues in community college governance.